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Golden Healer

Alegria is a graduate from AlixSandra Parness Inner Focus School for Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing & Mastery. She attended our four year intensive program in Ottawa which included over 15 Healing modalities. She graduated in 2004 and at commencement she was blessed as the Angel of Change. Her healing skills were examplary and she achieved her CAEH certificate (Certified Advanced Energy Healer). We applaud her work in the world as she shares her skills, Healing, Uplifting and Expanding the Heart of Humanity One Soul at a time. 
- AlixSandra Parness, Founder, Director and Program Faculty Member Inner Focus School for Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing and the Mystery School for Divine Mastery taught in the US and Canada, Founder of The Inner Focus Ministerial Church and Author, of a book entitled Activate Joy, Las Vegas, NV and California 

Alegria is a seeker of inner wisdom and spiritual strength. She grows from life experiences by being vulnerable, expanding her awareness, opening to spiritual truth, and listening to her heart. What she has learned for herself, she shares with others. Following the lead of her spiritually-aligned heart, Alegria assists others to experience greater health, vibrancy, spiritual alignment, and Oneness. And that is a great gift for the world!
-Alisa P., Certified Advanced Energy Healer (CAEH), Spiritual Growth Facilitator and fellow journeyer of the Inner Focus School, Waterloo, ON

I would like to say Thank you to Alegria for her time and spiritual services rendered fall of 2021. Your simplicity and spiritual force will always stay with me. Thank you for helping my Soul and self-esteem. Together we cleared many energies and forces. Therefore, I am walking with lighter shoulders. Thank you for showing me how to connect with my Higher Self and personal guides. Yes definitely, Alegria, you have made an impact in my life.
-Lorraine L., Four One Hour In-Person Healing Sessions Client, Ottawa, ON 

I feel the reading performed by Alegria was spot on for me and I felt the love and healing that was in the reading as well. I feel that Alegria is a true messenger.
-Phoenix Bee, One Hour Virtual Reading Client, Australia

Celebrating you, Alegria, as I am recognizing your accomplishments, your amazing courage, dedication and spiritual growth. You are super empowering! I love all the clarity you’ve gained through reflection and confidence that you exude through your experiences. You are so ready to be of service to the world since you have amazing gifts to share and I am thrilled to witness you shine. Great Healer you are! I am so glad and honoured to have you as a part of this amazing loving and powerful community.
-Jennifer G., Founder, Teacher SSU Intuitive Healing & Reading Program, California, USA

I am relentless on my spiritual path. I have awakened my Kundalini instantaneously, activated all of my chakras and am living in solitude. Alegria was able to accurately establish that my crown and 3rd eye are active and I am connected to my Higher Self. She was able to see that I am Empath and my philanthropy qualities reading my heart chakra was accurate again. She was also able to highlight a few shortcomings in a positive uplifting manner. It was a blessing to connect with you Alegria for a Reading. She possesses all the great qualities to be a successful healer and is an amazing and accurate with her readings. My best wishes for a greater success with the noble purpose she has chosen and believe that she will be a great catalyst to help people find their path! The world needs more Healers like her!
-Ramprasad J., One Hour Virtual Reading Client, India

My reading yesterday was very interesting! I admit that I went in with a bit of skepticism since it was my first ever reading, but some of the information I received from Alegria was accurate for me to have enjoyed my session with her. I am contemplating some of the messages and I am looking forward to journaling about these things for more personal insight.
-Autumn B. The Untamed Priestess, One Hour Virtual Reading Client, Connecticut, USA

Firstly, I would like to mention that I have never received a reading before like this one. Therefore, I had no expectations from it. Regardless, I was met on the time agreed upon by a smiling and friendly Alegria. She explained what she was about to do and the session commenced. I will not attempt to describe all that transpired, but will say that I felt completely comfortable with Alegria and the manner she conducted the reading. She provided me with plenty tools to assist with my particular situation/s and her advice also felt earnest. I feel much "lighter" after our encounter and consider myself blessed to have had this experience.
-André M., One Hour Virtual Reading Client, Wellington, South Africa

Alegria began by reading the chakras from the Root chakra to the Crown. She explained the meaning of each chakra then shared her interpretation and how they applied to me. I was impressed that Alegria knew I sang and danced and that I held fear in my 3rd chakra. She invited me to meditate on clearing my 5th and 6th chakras from people clouding that space with their influence. She then read my aura explaining each color. My favorite part of my aura reading was that Alegria saw the color brown as my 6 layer of my aura and then asked me if I hugged trees. With total surprise, I exclaimed yes! She knew that I had a connection to the trunks of trees and invited me to connect with the trees by embracing a tree with my whole body. Alegria also shared that my youngest son and I knew each other in another time, he being the mother and I the daughter. She shared that my maternal grandmother was a spirit guide. Lastly, she shared who were my other spiritual guides. I was completely satisfied with my reading. Alegria confirmed quite a few things for me and also gave me guidance on how to energetically cleanse some things that no longer serve me. I look forward to working with her again.
-Charlotte O., One Hour Virtual Reading Client, San Antonio, Texas

I waited a few weeks as wanted to process the reading and healing and all that I took from it. I feel a real sense of clarity now in myself. Alegria picked up on things I hadn't told her and sensed things that had been troubling me for a long time. A block in my 2nd chakra following miscarriage and ongoing trouble with a coil which since the reading I have had removed and feel so much better in myself wholistically. This block had been a major cause of emotional and physical pain however I now feel I have released that and I am healing ever more. My grandma was present which was wonderful and heart warming, as she herself had 16 children so it's fitting, she would be there with me having when I had suffered gynaecological issues. I would strongly recommend Alegria. My aura was flames she seen and had never seen before which too helped me to understand my energy and emotional state. I am truly grateful for the time and energy shared with me in my healing.
-Michelle (Shell) B., One Hour Virtual Reading/Healing Client, South Africa

Everything was so accurate. I was blown away. 
-Shirley Ann J., Client General Reading, May 2022

Thank You Alegria, you are a kind sensitive and powerful healer!
- Judy D., One Hour In-Person Healing Session, October 2022, Gatineau, QC

I recently hosted a Halloween Party for 26 people and was very pleased to have Alegria Golden Healer join the event. Approximately, nine guests, including me, utilized her services. I found her readings to be very accurate and would recommend that others utilize the services of Alegria Golden Healer. 
- Ron Z., Private Halloween Party (26 Guests), October 31, 2022, Ottawa, ON

I really enjoyed my session with Alegria. My session went by really quickly. Alegria was very specific 

about everything in our reading. I appreciated how she knew which details that would help me. I'm very grateful for Alegria for sharing her gifts to the world. 
- Satisfied Client Online Review, April 22, 2023, Regina Psychic Fair, SK

I value her insight and talent, Excellent customer service, Offerings, Quality and Timeliness.
-Positive Feedback from client, May 6, 2023, Saskatoon Psychic Fair, SK

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