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Plantes blanches

Golden Healer

Spiritual Services
Alegria offers Readings, Healings and In-Home/Office Energy Clearing Services.
Appointments are offered locally in-office, Navajo Healing room close to central downtown Ottawa area, virtually online via Zoom conference or remotely. She can accommodate and adapt her services to children (parent presence required under 18 years of age), the elderly, all gender identifications, visible minorities, people with disabilities but office may not be wheelchair accessible (call to inquire).
Benefits of a private session with Alegria

Contact your Body Wisdom and Soul Guidance to…

• Overcome stress, prevent burnout
• Feel better and be more productive on all levels
• Recognize your gifts and talents
• Recover your joy and well being
• Handle emotions and reactions in a skillful manner
• Relieve physical and emotional discomfort
• Attract more love & abundance
• Open your intuitive guidance
• Heal long-standing patterns and disruptions
• Navigating relationship issues
• Get on track and up your performance levels
• Release negative influences and habits
• Experience a gentle presence and skillful hands to guide and support on your healing journey
• Feel unconditional love, compassion, courage and insight leading you onto your next steps

Every session is as unique as you are

- Spiritual Counselling and Life Coaching
- Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing
- Psychic Clairvoyant, Claisentient, Clairaudient, Omnipresent Intuitive Reading
- La Relation d'aide from the Ethics of Caring
- Anatomy, Physiology, Boundaries related to sexuality from Massage Therapy Certification
- Two Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct
- Home, Office & Property Energy Clearing

* General Intuitive Overview using Clairvoyance (seeing), Claisentience (feeling), Clairaudience (hearing) and Claircognizance / Omnipresence (knowing)
Deceased Loved Ones Mediumship
* Past Lives / Akashic Records, Empowered Lifetimes, Spiritual Gifts
* Health, Body, Chakras Mediumship
* Aura Layers and Colours
Animal Energy Communication (Deceased or Alive Loved Pets)

* Ancestral Lineage, Family Tree, Generational Reading / Healing
* Soul Contracts, Healing Agreements and Karmic Patterns
* Light Language Codes
15 mins $40
30 mins $75
one hour $130
1.5 hour $160
3 x one hour Reading package $350
Plantes blanches

Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing teaches how to focus conscious awareness on the lessons of the soul. Conscious awareness provides a direct experience into the indicators of energetic dis-harmonies that manifest disease. Dis-ease is a direct response of the loss of connection to all the JOY essence in someone's heart and life.

Soul Directed Advanced Energy Healing awakens the heart chakra, and through awareness teaches us to believe in ourselves, to trust our deepest truth and be wiliing to express our truth with compassion.

Soul-Directed Advanced Energy Healing empowers clients to use processes on themselves and incorporate them into daily consciousness.

What Makes Soul Directed Energy Healing different?Advanced Energy Healing is the ascension process of soul-directed healing.

This form of healing is not related to Reiki, Shamanism or any form of hypnosis.


Higher Self Connection: Conscious reconnection held at the highest of vibration. This rooted process empowers you to make the choices that are aligned with your own Divine Plan, Purpose and I am Presence.

ART Technique: To access specific energy blocks, release them by bringing conscious awareness to allow new higher energies to integrate the body.

Conference Table: View of sub-personalities developed since birth that masks the essence of your True Self, replace unmet needs, protect vulnerability, power over others and dominate your life.

The Goodness Process: Two point hand process in which you hold your Goodness and Darkness until they become an united integrated whole.

2 Point Healing: Two point hand energy transmission to body or etheric layer to create circuit of energy flow from heart to body to hands.

Chelation: Process of charging and clearing the aura with Light.

Magnetic Healing: Magnetizes energies in the body & electromagnetic field and converts it into substantive energy.

Light Brain Transmission: Technique to help recalibrate the brain cells and aid with any brain-related diseases.

Blood Wash: Aid in reducing stress, and chronic stress PTSD, chronic fatigue. Helps in blood related diseases.

Unwinding & Clearing: Method used to allow the body to unwind the twist itself so that it releases and lifts off unwanted energies from the body permanently.

Sound Healing: Sound destroys or creates anew. Light-filled energy attracts discordant energy transforming to its highest frequency and new level of awareness.

Inner Child Work: Your Inner Child(s) holds the key to your yearnings and needs. As they develop so do expectations derived from rules in family of origin and birth. The Inner Child holds the key to unlocking passion, honesty, integrity, joy, creativity, playfulness and fun.

Dance of Light & Shadow Work: Method to view the programming of survival, protector-contoller and shadow aspects of Self and return back into Light.

Radiatory/ Energy Transmission: Radiation of Light charges the auric field.

Entity Possession, Low Level Dark, Falsely Represented Unidentified Energy: Heals psychic bondage and coercion of the invisible, negative bond between yourself and something or someone on multpiple realms.

Transforming Codependency: Process of getting back in touch with buried feelings, acceptance, understanding and acknowledgement of own voice to Self & others, heal, love and release all the pain and hurt.

Transforming Limiting Beliefs: Technique of identifying negative thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, patterns at times repetitive, habits and conditions that influence your life unfavourably.

Spine & Vertebras Cleaning: Cleans the pranic tube or main vertical power current of the auric field. Aids with any energies lodged in the back, spinal column, coccyx and vertebras.

Exploring Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Polarities: Technique to create awareness, heal the wounded masculine & feminine, reunite both polarities within the Self, Body and Heart.

1 hour $150
1.5 hour $175
2 hours $200
3 one hour sessions package $400
Plantes blanches
Home, Office & Property Energy Clearing

$ 350 - $500 for 3 - 5 hours
Please call or email Alegria for more information
Portion of the proceeds received from sessions is donated
to a Charitable Organization triannually.
*Her heart expands when she serves benevolently and compassionately humanity.*
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