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Plantes blanches

Golden Healer

About Alegria
(means joy / happiness in Spanish)
A Heart Centered, charismatic, uniquely bold, focused, compassionate Light Being, Lightworker, Teacher-Catalyst, Trailblazer, Starseed and Cuandero Plant Medicine Ceromony Leader and Apprentice who brings new awarenesses, teachings, hope, isnspiration, love and joy to all who come in the presence of her auric field. As a Soul-Directed Advanced Energy Healer, Acutely Intuitive Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Clairsentient Medium, she is able to communicate with Deceased Loved ones, as well view inside the Body, Chakras (Meraya) or in the Aura scanning any Health issues and Energy blocks. She is an Omnipresent Channel and a gifted Animal Energy Communicator and is able to communicate with Alive and Deceased Pets. Alegria uses many of her spiritual gifts, High Sense Perception and skills to help you reconnect with your Higher Self, realign, recalibrate you to your next level of self-love and conscious awareness towards your highest purpose in your personal life or business.

Upon her spiritual awakening at age 23, “the Cracking stage”, or how she likes to phrase it: “the Crackling stage”…that crispy top layer of a pork belly roast…SNAP!...she found herself in an abusive co-dependent relationship. She knew she had attracted to herself that situation unconsciously and the only way out was her strong desire to heal from within. Having been introduced to Transcendental Meditation TM at age 8, she had integrated tools and a mantra and knew that by meditating daily, hours on end, she could heal herself, find the inner strength and stamina to create a plan and leave safely. She did…yet was still being followed…

She pursued her inner healing journey by becoming a Certified Spiritual Counsellor in the late 1990’s. Followed by another certification, a four year curriculum as Soul-Directed Advanced Energy Healer (AEH) & Mastery in 2004 where she had the privilege to complete a case study, 10 healing sessions for a patient with ovarian cancer. She has treasured in her the countless initiations and anointments received in meditations and attunements with the Ascended Masters, Jesus, Buddha, Sai Baba, Mother Theresa, the Archangels, the Psychic Surgeons, and in life the Najavo reservation Medicine men, the Whirling Dervishes of Turkey and the Mayan Indigenous cultures in Guatemala, etc. During her graduation, she was blessed to have been named, The Angel of Change. Her Teachers knew that when faced before her ego self, sub-personalities, wounds, hardships, limitations and pain that she had the necessary stamina and grit to strive to go beyond the veil, persevere by finding the Light and healing from deep within her own Heart & Soul she eagerly seeked. She remembered saying “Let’s Go” to encourage her fellow spiritual classmates to dig deeper, to go past the veil of the unknown as a group to reach a Soul Merge. She knew she had a purpose in service to Humanity. She knew it was meant to be. To this day, Let’s Go is still yelled out….in the final stages of a workout session!

The 15 years that followed learning about healing, it was of greater importance to go out in the world and have her own experiences, to practice the 15+ healing modalities learned and bring them into full Integration, Alignment and Embodiment within herself. These were among the most challenging years, “Stages two, three and four” of her healing journey. In 2012, she became a Certified Massage Therapist, the course included: Anatomy, Physiology, Sexuality & Ethics, etc. She continued to hide her spiritual gifts during these years due to abandonment, rejection, shame, guilt, low self-esteem, abuse, incest, violations due to a robbery, PTSD, depressions, addictions, many fears, etc. The panoply of issues plaguing her existence felt unsurmountable at times. Yet she persevered knowing that one day, her purpose will be remembered later in life and that she would be asked to step forward on a grander scale. That time has arrived. The Light has concurred the darkness in her Soul. She started practicing Vipassana Meditation, an ancient Buddhist practice which means to see things as they are, as they appear to be. She has become that space between her thoughts, with lesser identification with of her own mind, thoughts, emotions and body weight. Full acceptance, joy and unconditional love exudes…

In the last year, Alegria has done full circle. Completing a Clairvoyant Psychic Reading and Healing course, yet another certification. She is now certified as a Psychic Reader of Energy. She has been on her “Ascension stage” heading in her “Enlightment stage”, eventually “Fully Realized Conscious Co-Creator stage”, stepping forward in service to Humanity on the public stage. She offers her healing and reading services at her booth, servings 40-50 clients at each Galaxy Fairs, at National Women’s Shows nationally and the 55+ Lifestyle show. She receives clients at her private office and Navajo healing room. Subsequently she also offers online virtual conference and remote sessions worldwide. She can be found performing local Home, Office and Property Energy Clearing and Sacred Smudging sessions. 

Alegria is also a lover and a conscious giver, a pet mom to her two Jack Russells Terriers which are so full of character. She worked full time for 15 years in Hospitals and Medical offices, and 15 years in the Public Service. She was also an Elderly Caregiver with dementia and a Nanny of up to 3 kids for numerous years. A sincere, honest, funny, dependable, trustworthy, loyal and caring friend, she is. There is too much integrity, depth and wisdom in her to vibrate at a lesser level. She is insightful and tenacious in seeing subtle energies and has the ability to perceive orbs. Did you sense their presence in this website? She holds herself in a higher and spiritually mature standard when she accompanies you on your healing path ….since she has lived it, and is three decades experienced and qualified to listen, support, guide and help you push through and go beyond each stage of your spiritual awakening journey. She will hold the vision of greater expansion for you as you keep your Inner Focus.

We are ALL Spiritual Light Beings living in a physical body here on earth with a unique Soul Purpose. Remember? I believe in you Beautiful Soul.
Navajo Healing Room
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